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When I was in Australia, I remembered bass rugby. Speaking to Mike, he hasn't left England for the future so he wanted to move elsewhere to gain more experience and work for the club for a few years as well. I went back to English. I joined Bath Rugby and worked with Dan Cooper, the performance analyst for Bath Rugby, who recently hosted the Olympics with England 7s. I also worked with Matt Watkins, who spent his key role in Bath in Totosite. You are both the Attorney General. They both have different personalities and are great people to work with. Usually a day at Bass Rugby begins with a morning meeting and can take place as early as 7am. We will attend a main meeting at 7am to review our early learning programs or activities based on attendance.

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We started it, and then we started looking for ways to be grateful again. Whether it's meeting the coach or going directly to the stadium to train with the players. From there, preparations for the afternoon began. Carefully plan and prepare the outcome of the meeting. Then, in the meantime, you'll see your players' content to see who can enter and who can't. What I always do in these meetings is give a few points and ideas, give a factual assessment of your plan, and support what you want to achieve through the meetings to make sure you've achieved your goals correctly. We usually check our models. Every part of the game is checked regularly to make sure we are still in the zone. Once part of the meeting is over, I can connect with my coach or someone in the meeting to see if there are any cuts that will put me in need and understand what plans to engage with the players. In other words, what kind of support system is it?

That's what I did and that was also part of this season. I watched for 3-4 hours, but watching the video alone there were things I didn't tell the instructor. It's hard to admit it and have trouble talking to your coach. Let them know that it will take 4 hours to create a number they use and ask if they can monitor that time so they can determine if that number is bigger or bigger. Luckily 안전놀이터, Bath Rugby coaches know the moment. However, do not understand at all. When you're stressed, you're told to work hard, even when you're stressed. However, the trainers here ask about working hours and whether to use them. In some cases, it is up to me to use products that we develop, uncertain and using real improvements. It's the disbelief that, according to scientists, everyone is looking for a good job and has a mix of desires to cover it all. But that was never the case. We don't have the same balance, but we're still looking for it. So we're probably going to jump into something irrationally deep.


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